Quatro Cravos was faced with limited space on the premises of the «Adega Cravo». This limitation prevented the installation of more warehouses and modern bottling lines, which led to the construction of the new “Original Winery”.

“Adega Original” reflects the idea of something new, pure and authentic and represents the rebirth of a new business cycle, more modern and genuinely bairradino.

 The identity of the winery is focused on the concept of origin, the meaning of beginning, the root of the things that exist, the starting point. The logo of “Adega Original” shows two circles where its origin is, at the same time, the beginning and the end. The circles are presented in a way to show the first letter of the word “Original” and where the first represent the renewal of the vineyards in a four season cycle, one full revolution around the sun intertwining with the second, representing the multiple elements in the world of winemaking, such as the wine tanks, the bottle, the wineglass and the wine tasting circuit.

The family Cravo made the commitment to invest in the construction of a new winery, the “Adega Original”, and to acquire new land to grown new vineyards in clay-limestone soils.

The investment resulted in the expansion of the winery capacity to one million liters kept in stainless steel tanks and French oak barrels.


A «Vinha de São LourençoVinha de São Lourenço is located in São Lourenço do Bairro, spread over land planted with the white grape varieties Arinto and Bical, growing in clay-limestone soil that infuse elegance and minerality unique to the white wines of Bairrada.
As «Vinhas da UchaVinhas da Ucha can be found in Amoreira da Gândara, just outside Ancas, and are actually a patchwork of many parcels, interspersed with old and new vines, growing the grapes Bical, Arinto, Cercial and Maria-Gomes.
original vinha 1

A «Vinha da Moita Vinha da Moita is planted on a gentle hill facing south in Troviscal, on the southernmost part of Oliveira do Bairro, where the soils are sedimentary and sprinkled with fine clay. The prime sun exposure favour the perfect ripening of Baga.

original vinha 2

A “Vinha da Pocariça Vinha da Pocariça is planted on a clay-limestone soil and enjoys excellent direct sunlight, shared by the Baga and Touriga Nacional reds and Bical and Arinto whites, all the while respecting the designation of origin Bairrada (DOP).

original vinha 4

Baga is the most represented traditional red grape variety and give birth to wines full of colour and rich in tannins, with strong notes of wild berries. When harvested at its ripest, there is a huge potential of making unique “Blanc de Noirs”.

The vineyards are harmoniously shared by the varieties Baga, Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Merlot, Bical and Arinto, in accordance to the designation of origin Bairrada (DOP).


Next to soil, the sun is the most important element for the maturation of the grapes. “Original” joins together both elements to create original wines that express the complexity, focus and elegance of the wines of the region.

The wines carrying the brand “Original” are made from the grapes grown in the best soils and harvested at the peak of maturation.


“Original Reserve” red is made from the varieties Baga and Touriga Nacional. Showing a bright rubi colour, strong body and the taste of ripe wild berries, in the mouth the tannins explode into a long filled ending.

“Original Reserve” white is made from Arinto. With a citrus colour, notes of apricot and mineral tones as well as hints of roasted fruits from time spent in barrel, in the mouth it reveals a balanced yet lively acidity.

“Original Baga@Bairrada” is a natural sparkling wine made from Baga.

The production of effervescent wines through the sparkling process, packaged in “slim” 200ml cans, was cherished by Quatro Cravos from the beginning, choosing the appropriate grapes created in the vineyards of its cellars to produce a fresh and fruity wine.

“POSITIVO” brings as the main figurative element the word “positive” with a “V” to show the pursuit of quality held by Adega Cravo, on the top of the label.

It was created to symbolize the link to the land and so that the main aromas can be generously appreciated.


The innovative, contemporary approach taken in making the whites, reds and rosés under the brand POSITIVO, with no time in barrel, offers fresh, light and genuine wines.

These are wines that are a challenge in any tasting, in a positive fashion. The strong fruity note and balanced acidity makes them easy to enjoy.



For the sparkling wines we put together many white varieties from our vineyeards to produce a vibrant wine where the peach prevails and is joined by a fine delicate bubble that burst with pleasure the aroma of citrus fruits at the moment of release.


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